A realistic look at the unemployment rate under Obama

Victor Davis Hanson points out some important facts:

One of the oddest things is President Obama’s continuing surprise at the rising unemployment rate. Indeed, we now have a new Orwellianism of “jobs saved”: as jobs are lost, we are told that some of those who do have them were “saved” by President Obama (note the logic: you ignore the stats that quantify reality, but hype fantasy).

If you were a contractor, a car dealer, a dentist, or an accountant, and if you heard that we may/will/sorta raise federal income taxes, lift the tax caps off FICA, think about a VAT tax, impose a health care surcharge on the “wealthy”, have new mandatory fees for forced medical plans and green energy, and had you just got hit with new raised sales and state income taxes, why would you be secure about the future and gamble on it by hiring more employees.

The evidence that the Obama White House is completely making up the jobs “saved or created” numbers is pretty clear. It is also very clear that it was their intention from the beginning.

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