Straight Up Racism

I’ve often pointed out that a good way to find out what leftist are up to is to listen to what they are accusing those they see as their political enemies of.

Case in point, racism.  The left has been playing the so-called “Race Card” so often since our Dear Leader started his run for his “Occupy the White House” gold tour, that even the self-identified “fake journalists” at Comedy Central have called them on it.  It has been become their default reply to anybody who dares to disagree with their far left extremist ideology.

Now if you were to look for actual examples of racism, you would find the “progressives” who toss out the charge, guilty of what they accuse other of, more often than not.  Case in point, democrat election campaigns pay their white staffers more than black or hispanic staffers.

“African American staffers on Democratic federal-level campaigns are paid 70 cents on the dollar compared to their white counterparts; Hispanics are paid 68 cents on the dollar,”

The study goes on to point out, while Republican campaigns tend to hire more white men than the democrats, they are much better at paying their minority staffers what they pay the white staffers.

Why is the media suppressing facts about the latest school shooting?

Here is what you probably know, kid brings a shotgun to school (a “gun free zone”) and shoots another student before killing himself.  The student he shot later died from her wounds inflicted by the kid who ignored the numerous victim disarmament laws in place.

Here is something you probably haven’t heard, because it doesn’t fit the media narrative.  One of the law flaunting murder’s fellow students described him as “a very opinionated Socialist.”  He also was, like our Dear Leader, a Keynesian.

He was also a strong proponent of so-called “gun control” laws.  Yet, he decided to advance his political views through the barrel of a gun.  Guess that makes him a good progressive.

Which is the message the “traditional” main stream media doesn’t want getting out.

Now imagine how they would have handled this story if this murderer had political leans anywhere to the right of center.