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New political term: Racer

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Racer: (rā’sər) n. Person who makes false claims of racism in order to avoid answering legitimate arguments.

Update: Example: Maureen Dowd, Racer.  Why let the fact that Joe Wilson was right, and our Dear Leader was wrong, get in the way of thoughtless smear.

The rational and calm leftist response

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Here are two examples of how the left deals with their political opponents.

First we have a Pro-Life Activist shot outside a school.

Second there is a bomb threat against the Tea Party organizers in Washington, D.C.

So much for calm and rational debate.

Special 9/11 Friday B-Movie Pick: Celsius 41.11

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Celsius 41.11: The Temperature at Which the Brain… Begins to Die

A special 9/11 edition of the Friday B-Movie pick. This is an actual documentary film, with actual facts and truth, unlike the crockumentaries that Michael Moore makes.

Friday B-Movie Pick Archive

Obama throws RailRoad security under the bus

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Michelle Malkin has the story on how the federal Rail Transportation Anti-Terrorism Unit has been dismantled by Team Lightbringer.

Amtrak’s Office of Security Strategy and Special Operations (OSSSO) grew out of a counterterrorism and intelligence unit developed by the Bush administration in the wake of global jihadi attacks on mass transit systems. The office was staffed with Special Forces veterans, law enforcement officers, railroad specialists, other military personnel, and experts who collectively possessed hundreds of years of experience fighting on the front lines against terrorism. Each member underwent at least 800 hours of rail security-related training, including advanced marksmanship, close quarters, and protective security exercises.

According to multiple government sources who declined to be identified for fear of retribution, OSSSO’s East Coast and West Coast teams have not worked in a counterterrorism capacity since the summer. Their long-arms were put under lock and key after the abrupt departures of Amtrak vice president for security strategy and special operations Bill Rooney and Amtrak Inspector General Fred Weiderhold.

Weiderhold played an instrumental role in creating OSSSO’s predecessor at Amtrak, the Counter-Terrorism Unit (CTU). He tapped Rooney to oversee the office. But Rooney was quietly given the “thank you for your service” heave-ho in May and Weiderhold was unexpectedly “retired” a few weeks later — just as the government-subsidized rail service faced mounting complaints about its meddling in financial audits and probes.

As I reported in June, Weiderhold had blown the whistle on intrusion of Amtrak’s Law Department into his financial audits and probes. A damning, 94-page report from an outside legal firm concluded that the “independence and effectiveness” of the Amtrak inspector general’s office were “being substantially impaired” by the Law Department – which happens to be headed by Eleanor Acheson, a close pal of Vice President Biden.

She has more details on this criminally incompetent dismantling of an effective part of our National Security infrastructure by our Dear Leader and his cronies. Read the whole thing.

This appears to be part of our Dear Leader‘s ongoing war against the federal Inspector Generals.

Vegans for Palin

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

That has to be the coolest blog name I’ve seen in quite a while.  Just savor it for a moment.

Vegans for Palin.

The name alone will cause massive surges in high blood pressure in an amusingly high amount of leftist moonbats.

Here is an example of what you can find.  An anti-Obama protest song.

Obama: Billions for ACORN, but not for the Exploration of Space!

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

As part of our Dear Leader’s porkulus plan, the criminal thugs at ACORN are getting $5 Billion in taxpayer funds.

How many real jobs will that create?  I’m pretty confident that number is right around zero.

Now it is reported that NASA won’t be sending anybody to the moon anytime soon, that would require an additional $3 billion dollars a year.  Taxpayer money which Team Lightbringer would rather spend on a criminal enterprise.

One thing that is clear from the American space program is that it created high paying, high tech jobs that contributed to the health of the American economy and spin off technology that has not just benefited America, but humanity as a whole.  I’m not talking  just Tang and Velcro here folks.  The GPS system and satellite TV just two examples of space program spin off technologies that are still driving growth industries today.  The weather satellite system that makes it possible to produce enough food to make famine obsolete is also a product of the US space program.

Ya, I said enough food to make famine obsolete.  Let’s be honest here people, any wide spread famine on this planet in the last couple of decades has been the result of politics and not the lack of ability to produce or deliver the food.

To recap, an additional $3 billion a year to NASA would once again put Americans on the Moon.  It would also be highly beneficial to the US economy by fueling the high tech industry, putting skilled American engineers back to work and producing a very noticable “trickle down” (more like a monsoon) effect on the industries that support that high tech economy.  It would also spark an renewed interest in the sciences in American schools and universities, and promote a sense of adventure in America in a positive and constructive endevor.

Instead, our Dear Leader and the s0-called democrat “leadership” in Congress would rather pour that tax payer money down the drain by giving it to their political allies who are under investigation for massive vote fraud in multiple states.

Is this the “Hope and Change” you were expecting?

Something to look forward to if Cap & Tax passes

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

The UK has their own version of the Cap and Tax bill already. It provides some interesting insight into what Americans can look forward to if our Dear Leader and the democrats in Congress get what they want.

For example, an additional tax on air travel.

Tens of billions of pounds will have to be raised through flight taxes to compensate developing countries for the damage air travel does to the environment, according to the Government’s advisory body on climate change.

Ticket prices should rise steadily over time to deter air travel and ensure that carbon dioxide emissions from aviation fall back to 2005 levels, the Committee on Climate Change says. It believes that airlines should be forced to share the burden of meeting Britain’s commitment to an 80 per cent cut in emissions by 2050.

Yup, the bottom line is the flow of money from the First World to the Third World.

A look at a possible health care reform option

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

This option certainly isn’t one being considered by our Dear Leader and the so-called democrat “leadership.”  Why not? Well, the fact that it is successful, it works, it actually saves the patients (i.e. the consumers) money, and provides better service, might have something to do with the left’s avoidance. It also could be that the big money donors to the democrats won’t make a dime off this solution as well.

The model is the one used in India.

…health insurance is uncommon in India, so patients typically pay out of their own pockets for routine care. That too plays a role in keeping costs low.As a result, medical services in India are faster, cheaper, and far more consumer-friendly than here.

Let’s compare this to the single payer version in the UK and Canada (the model the democrats want to inflict on most Americans, but not themselves), where there are higher rates of death than in the US for common types of treatable cancer, such as breast, colon and prostate cancer. This is because of the long wait times for basic screening tests when the government runs the health care system. The months you wait for those tests often spell the difference between a treatable cancer and a fatal cancer.

HT to Mr. Reynolds

Worcester Tea Party Pictures

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

There was a small Tea Party Protest at Lincoln Square in Worcester, MA on September 3, 2009.

This was a warm up for three bus loads of Patriots from the Commonwealth going to Washington, D.C. this week for the 9/12 protests.

I have pictures posted at Urbin Photography & at my account on flickr.

I’m also trying to get them posted at PJTV.

Here is one of the videos I took at this protest.

There was a larger Tea Party Protest in Worcester, MA back on Tax Day.

Monday Book Pick: To Where Your Scatter Bodies Go

Monday, September 7th, 2009

To Where Your Scattered Bodies Go, by Philp Jose Farmer

This is the first book in Philip Jose Farmer’s Riverworld series, which includes a cast of everybody who was born and died from early proto-humans to 1985. We’re talking grand scale, epic Science Fiction here.

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