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A look at a possible health care reform option

September 8, 2009 – 08:13 | by Mark Urbin

This option certainly isn’t one being considered by our Dear Leader and the so-called democrat “leadership.”  Why not? Well, the fact that it is successful, it works, it actually saves the patients (i.e. the consumers) money, and provides better service, might have something to do with the left’s avoidance. It also could be that the big money donors to the democrats won’t make a dime off this solution as well.

The model is the one used in India.

…health insurance is uncommon in India, so patients typically pay out of their own pockets for routine care. That too plays a role in keeping costs low.As a result, medical services in India are faster, cheaper, and far more consumer-friendly than here.

Let’s compare this to the single payer version in the UK and Canada (the model the democrats want to inflict on most Americans, but not themselves), where there are higher rates of death than in the US for common types of treatable cancer, such as breast, colon and prostate cancer. This is because of the long wait times for basic screening tests when the government runs the health care system. The months you wait for those tests often spell the difference between a treatable cancer and a fatal cancer.

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