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Kickstarter fraud

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Let me start by saying I’ve had some excellent experiences with Kickstarter projects. The Traveller 5 project, Schlock Mercenary Challenge Coins,
The Chapin Sisters: A DATE WITH THE EVERLY BROTHERS,  and the Tactical Pen, just to name a few.

There has been noticeable failure. The Founders Playing Cards project. A beautifully designed set of playing cards that use the images of historical American political figures.  The project was created by one ‘John Slabyk.’  He claimed to have worked on the team that created the iconic Obama icon.  Say what you want about Obama’s politics, but the branding is impressive.

One small flaw in the plan. After collecting over $37,000 from approximately 1,000 backers, ‘John Slabyk’ dropped out of sight.  Just two posts, with no followups, no indication of the cards being manufactured, or any sign that ‘John Slabyk’ even plans on having them made.  The backers are not happy.  Legal action has been discussed.

If anybody knows this ‘John Slabyk’, ask him what he has done with the $37,000 of his backers’ money.

Update: Here is another article detailing John M (Markian) Slabyk‘s fraud: obama logo designer John Slabyk defrauds Kickstarter backers of over $37,000?

Update: Another references for Slabyk’s fraud.

Update: Yet another post of John Slabyk’s fraud.  This one mentions that he claims to be the head of the Obama campaign art department and advises you to contact the NY State AG’s office concerning Internet fraud if you have been scammed by John Slabyk.

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Culture of Corruption Marches On

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Ngozi Pole, the former Office Manager to the late Senator Ted Kennedy, was arrested back in December 2009 on six separate counts of federal fraud and theft. He illegally inflated his salary and submitting falsified records to the Senator’s Chief of Staff in order to hide his theft of tax payer money.

He was found guilty on five counts of wire fraud and one count of theft of government property on Tuesday.   Justice may be a bit slow, but it did come through in the end.  The sentencing will be interesting.

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The Green Enron

Friday, August 21st, 2009

One thing that has been pretty clear for a while is that so-called “carbon offset credits” are mostly a scam run on the gullible. Even the NY Times has admitted it.

Also keep in mind that these so-called “carbon offset credits” are at the heart of the “Cap and Tax” scheme our Dear Leader and the congressional democrats are trying to shove down the throats of the American People.

Here is another block of evidence to support the “it’s a scam” school of rational thought.

The UK Telegraph reports the following:

Officers from HM Revenue & Customs searched both residential properties and offices in both Gravesend and London targeting an alleged network of organised crime.

Members are believed to have been trading large volumes of high-value carbon credits from overseas sources free of VAT.

Tax investigators believe these may then have been sold on to businesses in the UK charging VAT that is never paid to the authorities.

So far, the cash total in this “green” criminal enterprise $62.8 Million.

The nice man at Watts Up With That has noted that someone has already done a Masters Thesis on just how ripe the so-called “carbon offset credits” for fraud.

Let us look at the most famous peddler of these Modern Plenary Indulgences here in the United States of America, Al Gore.  Selling Carbon Offset Credits has been very, very good to Al Gore.  He owns a mansion and yacht.  Not just any mansion, mind you, but one that uses more electricity in a month than the average American home uses in a year! Like other eco-hypocrits pushing the Carbon Offset Credit Scam, Al Gore also isn’t giving up his use of private jets, which produce about four and half tons of carbon per hour of flight time.

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