SciFi Sunday: H. Beam Piper

In addition to the Monday Book Picks and the Friday B-Movie posts, I’ll be posting about Science Fiction on random Sundays.

To kick things off, I am starting with one of my favorite SciFi authors, H. Beam Piper. Piper was in inspiration to many in the field today, including the massively best selling author, David Weber.

A lot of H. Beam Piper’s works are available in the public domain. You can find them on the Gutenberg’s SF CD, and there are also audiobook format versions available.

My personal favorites are Space Viking and Uller Uprising, but you should take the time to read his entire catalog.  Sadly, it is not as large as it should have been.

5 thoughts on “SciFi Sunday: H. Beam Piper”

  1. Ya, I used to grab any H. Beam Piper books I would find in used bookstores. I wasn’t about to loan out any of his books if it was my only copy.

    Hmmm…since Space Viking is in the public domain, it should be possible to put together a fan film that runs true to the book. The space battles can be CGIed on home computers. Hell, James Cawley’s Star Trek: Phase 2 is better than some shows being put out by major studios.

  2. When I started writing for THE RESISTER the editor asked me what I wanted to use for a pseudonym. I told him Rolve Hemmerding. He gets mentioned twice in SPACE VIKING but never actually shows up on page.

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