What will it take for the MSM to call it a good month for Gov. Romney?

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First, let us review this chart of the Gallup tracking poll.  HT to the PJ Tatler

Now the left leaning MSM/DNC has been calling the past month a “bad month” for Gov. Romney.  I don’t think the word “bad” means what they think it means.

Keep in mind that this is the Gallup poll, not the historically more accurate Rasmussen poll.   It is also a poll of registered voters, not likely voters.  Add to that the historic trend of Gallup and most other polls over ratting Obama by several points.

Given all that, plus what is charitably called a “lackluster” recovery that is in danger of slipping back into a recession, it looks like polls, like this Gallup poll, are being carefully crafted to try and make the MSM/DNC label of a “bad month” for Gov. Romney appear to be true.  Even with them cooking the books, this polls shows a challenger running dead even with an incumbent President with the election less than two months away.

Keep in mind, most polls had Jimmy Carter, the worst President of the latter half of the 2oth Century, four points ahead of Ronald Reagan at this point in the 1980 election.

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