The left’s latest spin

A friend of mine recently asked me about the “Republican’s political suicide.” I’m betting he heard that from his moonbat ex-wife.

A quick Google search of “republican political suicide” shows all the buzz is coming from the extreme wacko left.  Mother Jones News, Andrew Sullivan and far left wing extremists columnists in the Washington Post.

Sounds more like wishful thinking than thoughtful political analysis.

Those left wing extremists are fear mongering because they are so scared they are soiling their linens.

What is happening with the minority party standing up to the Imperial Obama Presidency, is that they are firing up their base.  Something they have been really, really bad at for the past few elections.  Obama won on low Republican/Conservative base voter turnout, while he was firing up his base hotter than the Devil’s Wedding Tackle.

The democrats have a real problem in 2016, and that is Obama.  He has turned the Presidency into his personal brand, not the brand of the democrat party.

Biden is an idiot, Hillary is seen as damaged goods, and is already being attacked by democrats and news organizations run for the advancement of the democrat party.

So who are they going to run?

Add to the left’s fear multiple conservative members of Congress who are extremely popular with their base.  Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, etc.  Don’t forget former Rep and Ret. Lt. Colonel Allan West. A conservative that the left singled out for attack based on the democrats’ racist policies.

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