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The left’s attack on basic Civil Rights

July 23, 2009 – 14:21 | by Mark Urbin

The right to Legal Council and the Right to Self-Defense are basic Civil Rights. To deny any American citizen those basic Civil Rights is an attack on the Constitution and the founding principle of the United States of America.

Color me not surprised that far left extremists are doing just that. James Taranto takes a look at the latest attack on retiring Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Gov. Palin has been subject to numerous “ethics charges”, which require her and the state of Alaska to expend funds to defend against. Fifteen of those charges have been dismissed. As in charges brought against her had absolutely no merit. The charges of “ethics violations” have been a clear and simple case of harassment by her political enemies.

Like many politicians before her, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, Gov. Palin set up a legal defense fund. The purpose of the legal defense fund was to obtain legal council in order to defend herself from these frivolous and harassing “ethics violations” charges. In order words, Gov. Palin was exercising her basic Civil Rights as an American Citizen.

Mr. Taranto notes that the latest “ethics violations” charge is that is Gov. Palin’s exercising her basic Civil Rights.

That’s right. The “personal gain” that is being objected to, is defending herself against the previous “ethical violations” that have been dismissed as having no merit.

This is the ugly truth of the far left. If they target you, an American Citizen, as an enemy, you have no Civil Rights as far as they are concerned. You have no right to self-defense, you have no right to a fair and impartial trial by jury, you are guilty of “thought crime” and need to be destroyed.

Where are these frivolous and harassing attacks against Gov. Palin coming from? Well, in the words of the man who wrote the screenplay, “Follow the Money.”

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