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As it has been noted, a lot of ‘celebrity’ so-called “peace activists” have gone missing.

One of the missing so-called “peace activists”, actor Ed Asner, explains that that really are against our Dear Leader’s Rush to War with Syria, but are not saying anything for fear of being labeled ‘racists.’

Let’s put this in simple terms for Ed and the rest of the Moonbats.   The Minister Farrakhan is taking Barack Hussein Obama to task over basic incompetence.  Cornell West, of Harvard University and former major BHO supporter, has called our Dear Leader a ‘War Criminal’ and stated that if he attacks Syria without Congressional approval, that is grounds for impeachment. The fact that BHO is in completely over his head and is, and has been, completely unqualified for this current position as POTUS, is not a race thing.  It’s an unqualified and incompetent thing.

So all you so-called “progressive liberals” can put on your big boy/girl pants (which ever you prefer), and take a lesson from Momma Moonbat and start protesting in front of the White House again.

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