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FACTCHECK: Obama Campaign Fundraising Still Sluggish

…Obama’s draw, for all his supposed $1 billion campaign, is actually less than President Bush’s in his final election. Remember, back when Bush was supposedly unpopular because of the Iraq War? In the fourth quarter of 2003 the Bush campaign raised almost $48 million. Adjusted for inflation that’s $59 million, a whopping $17 million more than Obama.

Don’t believe the lying media. Obama isn’t inevitable and he’s not a magic money machine.

Obama Installs Former La Raza VP to Head Domestic Policy

Occupy Movement’s Intellectual Founder Won’t Say No To Wall Street Cash.

The Hill: Obama promise to close Guantánamo prison unfulfilled.

Obama’s P. T. Barnum campaign strategy

State of the Union: 1,000 Days Without a Democrat Budget

Eighth Democrat Indicted in Upstate New York Ballot Fraud Investigation


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