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November 5, 2013 – 08:20 | by admin

File under “Follow the Money”, the Empress Michelle’s so-called “policy initiatives” are bought and paid for by big money lobbies. Users Warn of Security Risk, Breach of Privacy  Golly, Obamacare is a poor designed fiasco of a web site.  No surprise there.

There’s an awful lot of middle-class sticker shock going on with these insurance cancellations…  If you have been listening to the NPR coverage, where they are setting new records for extreme spinning for our Dear Leader, those premiums are only increasing “slightly” and those who complain about it are “whiners.” If you want to see some of those price hikes, check out

The leftists over at Politico admit that the so-called “mainstream media” ignored Conservatives’ warnings about Obamacare for years, and that those warnings were 100% accurate.  Poor Richard’s News sums it up nicely: ” The mainstream media willingly ignores the truth in favor of spoon feeding the American people talking points directly from the White House.”

No surprise here, the NY Times denies that Obama lied repeatedly to the American people.



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