Quote of the Day

Andy at AoSHQ nails it shut:

Sir Golfsalot, from his vacation digs there in swanky Martha’s Vineyard, calls out Congress for not enacting his detailed plan to spur the economy? No, really. This is beyond parody.

But it’s pretty transparent, isn’t it? After getting nowhere blaming inanimate objects like corporate jets, ATMs and Japanese earthquakes, little Barack looked around for someone with a worse approval rating than his and settled on “Congress.” So you can expect to see much, much more of this tripe in the coming months.

As Ace has pointed out frequently, though, nobody votes for “Congress.” They only vote for their individual congressmen. So good luck with the Alinsky tactics there, Barry.

Run against Congress all you want, but everybody knows you’re a stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure. Since we all can’t live in Paul Ryan’s district, “congress sucks” isn’t exactly a newsflash to most of us, you preening jackass. From right here in MA-4, home of Barney Frank, I enthusiastically agree and look forward to giving both of you the boot in 2012

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