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June 25, 2013 – 09:01 | by admin

“When the Tea Party burst out on the scene in 2010, the co-opted techniques used by the left to show that they were The People. Popular revolt, demonstrations, rallies, all of it— all of it from the left’s playbook.

This wouldn’t do for the media for many reasons. They immediately attempted to claim the Tea Party was astroturf, artificial. Of course it must be! After all, the media is on The Side of the People, and if we have 30,000 people demonstrating here against the media’s agenda, why, that would mean the media is not on the Side of the People, and that can’t be! So this must be a corporate astroturf campaign paid for by the Koch brothers.

The media continues to despise the Tea Party for putting a lie to the media’s claim that they’re Just on the Side of the People. And they doubly hate the Tea Party because the media are among the people to whom that lie has been exposed.”


Keep in mind that  the left’s lies about the Tea Party being “racist” are just that, lies.

The Tea Party is a cross section of America.

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