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Professor Reynolds was right

August 11, 2009 – 11:10 | by Mark Urbin

Professor Glenn Reynolds, also known as the Instapundit, made the following correct prediction back on June 7, 2008:

I can think of no better reason to vote against Obama than the prospect of an administration where any criticism of the President is treated as racism.

Once again, he is being proved correct.

By way of Hot Air is this story from Newsbusters, which points out that a MSNBC “reporter” by the name of Carlos Watson put forth his own bizarre theory in which referring to someone as a “Socialist” is now a “code word” for racism.

What a crock of shit!

The reality is that the Socialist agenda of the current resident of the White House and democrat leaders in congress is becoming more and more apparent, and more and more Americans, including centrist swing voters who probably voted for our Dear Leader, are objecting to it strongly.

The left’s response to American citizens voicing their opinions has included, the knee-jerk response of calling them racists, attempting to deny their First Amendment Rights, denoucing their most American of activities as “un-American” and actual physical violence.

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