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Pointing out leftist hypocrisy

June 9, 2010 – 06:48 | by admin

Two conservative women point out the hypocrisy of the sexist liberal bed wetters over at Newsweek.

Lori Ziganto is first, with this delicious bit of snark,

They don’t comprehend that as strong and confident conservative women, lacking an ounce of our liberal counterparts’ perpetual victim hood, we embrace all aspects of our gender. As such, we have no problem looking pretty whilst vivisecting you verbally in an argument. We aren’t simpletons; we can multi-task! And we know that if one appreciates how you look, it doesn’t preclude them from also appreciating your mind and your political discourse. Well, at least it shouldn’t. Evidently, that isn’t possible on the left.

Then Dana Loesch joins in.

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