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Now that is just harsh

June 29, 2009 – 11:17 | by Mark Urbin

One of the strongest factors in our Dear Leader’s election was that he was not George W. Bush. The far left really hated our former President and demonized him at every opportunity.

Many of those who voted for our Dear Leader did so in hopes that he would immediately reverse every policy of GWB and that unicorns would start pooping Skittles ™. Ya, ya. Obviously reality wasn’t their strong point, or checking up on our Dear Leader‘s history.

Well, reality has reared it’s ugly head and not only has Barack Hussein Obama not closed the Islamofascist detention center at Gitmo, he’s announced that he, like President George W. Bush, plans on holding some of them indefinitely. A policy that made BDS sufferers foam at the mouth when GWB announced it.

Add to that this bit of data. During the election, many liberals complained that President Bush was running the national debt up too high and the Communist Chinese government owned too much of that debt. A lot of fiscal conservatives agreed with them on that. After the election, the fiscal conservatives stuck by their principles and most liberals abandoned theirs as our Dear Leader raised the national debt in six months an amount that it took GWB eight years to reach, selling most of that new debt to the Communist Chinese government.

Facts like these, are causing some honest liberals to describe our Dear Leader as “Bush on Steroids” or “George W. Obama“, and they don’t mean it as a compliment.

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