More lies from the left about Obamacare

Why do democrats feel the need to lie in order “sell” their so-called “Health Care Reform” program to the American People? Probably because it has little or none to do with improving the Health Care of most tax paying American citizens.

Rightwing Sparkle has yet another example of a what is probably a planted democrat operative lying at a Town Hall meeting.

On Aug. 11th our own Houston Chronicle displayed a picture of Shelia Jackson Lee hugging a woman who had asked a question at the townhall as well, but her question was in full support of the health care bill. The woman was identified as “Dr. Roxana Mayer, a pediatric primary care physician.” Turns out, she isn’t a doctor at all though. She had identified herself to the Chonicle that way though.

So, here we have someone asking a question, giving favor in support of the health care bill, posing as a doctor to give more credibility to her support. When in reality she was an Obama delegate and NOT a doctor.

If “Obamacare” really was beneficial to American Citizens, the simple truth would support the democrat’s policies. ┬áSince they feel the need to lie repeatedly about it, that should tell you all you need to know.


Update: HotAir points out that not only is Roxana Mayer not a doctor, she was an Obama delegate!

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