It’s Primary Day

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At least here in the People’s Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

All the interesting races are in the Republican primaries. The democrats are typical Massachusetts democrats, part of the party system, and like my Congressman, Rep. McGovern, part of the caucus of the Socialist Party of America. For those lefties that read this blog, I wish I was making that one up.

The big race is the five way one for the right to run against Rep. McGovern, who, like the President and his cabinet, has never held a private sector job in his life.

For that race, I like Marty Lamb. I’ve met him, and his wife Peri. I like his message and his reasons for running.

The other contested race is for Auditor.

I like both candidates, Kamal Jain and Mary Z. Connaughton.  Kamal has the advantage for supporting ballot initiative 3, which would roll the state income tax from 6.5% to 3%.

Kamal (and Marty) get that the problem isn’t that government isn’t taking enough of the tax payer’s money, the problem is that government is spending too much of the tax payer’s money.

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