Is Hillary really on BHO’s short list?

Selecting Hillary Rodham Clinton for the upcoming vacancy in the Supreme Court has been floated by a few sources.

Jammie Wearing Fool is correct in stating it would be a safe pick. She is in her second term in the Senate and will get support from enough other Senators in both parties (including the Socialist who, no surprise here, caucuses with the democrats) because they will support a member of their oh so exclusive club.  Selecting HRC allows our Dear Leader to claim victory in putting a far left liberal woman on the court with expending any of the little political capital he has left.

Ed Morrissey also correctly notes: “… best of all, Obama would be dispatching the one Democrat who could conceivably win a primary race against him in 2012 if his numbers continue to fall.  Once on the Supreme Court, Hillary would not step down to run for President, and Bill Clinton would be effectively neutralized as well.”

I stand by my advice from last October for Senator Clinton, run for Governor of New York State!

Either way, the President can appoint anybody he wants and can expect the same support from the Senate that previous Presidents have gotten from that body.  The President should keep in mind that both he and Vice-President Biden voted against Supreme Court nominees appointed by President George W. Bush on purely political reasons.

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