Even the Washington Post is waking up to the failure that is Barack Obama

Jennifer Rubin nails it in this Washington Post article:

It’s dawning on many Americans that they made a bad hire. Obama was slick and seductive in the interview that stretched from early 2007 to November 2008; the competition was unexciting and, to be blunt, old. But it turned out he had no real job skills, didn’t get along with others, failed to translate rhetoric into action and became blinded by his own ego.

The lesson here is an existential one: Leaders are what they do. They become revered because they perform, understand their market, show creativity, deliver unexpected gains and beat the competition. The star quality follows accomplishments and performance.

Failure is never cool; lofty salesmanship without a solid product is annoying. Obama is forever “pivoting” and “resetting,” but the problem remains. He promises to roll out a “new and improved” job agenda, but the public anticipates it will be neither.

The closing line up sums up the failure of the MSM/DNC: “Maybe we should have checked references?”

2 thoughts on “Even the Washington Post is waking up to the failure that is Barack Obama”

  1. We got spammed.

    I treated the output of the MSM as the truthless noise that its been since the Cold War.

    A lot of folks simply didn’t understand that they were being conned. Even to this day some of them are still in denial of this fact.

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