DNC fabricates over 200,000 signatures

According to the Washington Post, the DNC has no problems with fabricating signatures to make good on their promises.

“Supporters of President Obama’s Budget to Hand Deliver 642,000 Pledges Gathered from Around the Country to Capitol Hill,” announced the Democrats’ news release.

CNN and the Huffington Post dutifully reported the DNC’s claim of 642,000 pledges. Network cameras and the BBC showed up to film the operation. “We had one of the big printers downstairs smoking last night,” party spokesman Brad Woodhouse said.

The DNC got to 642,000 by making three photocopies of each pledge so that each signer’s senators and representative could get one.”

In reality, the DNC only had 214,000 pledges. So, in order to meet their announced goal, they lied. They fabricated two thirds of the signatures they claimed.

This is the same democrat party that wants to take the federal Census out of the hands of the non-partisan Commerce Department and let Obama Hatchetman Raum Emmanuel run it.

This is not giving me a warm fuzzy feeling.

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