A quick look at the polls

Lots of interesting data over at Rasmussen today.

Only 29% of American voters are confident That Congress Knows What It’s Doing on Economy!

Only 22% of Americans think that Congress understands ObamaCare.

42% of American Voters Strongly Disapprove of our Dear Leader‘s performance, and total disapproval rating is up to 52%. We now have a majority of American voters who disgress with our Dear Leader!

Sixty percent (60%) of Americans say there is too much media coverage of our Dear Leader‘s personal life and family.  Here is some advice to the MSM, less noise, more signal.

Two Thirds of American voters think our Dear Leader is taking America in the wrong direction.

70% of likely American voters now favor a government that offers fewer services and imposes lower Taxes over one that provides more services with higher taxes!

Far left extremist democrat Congress critter “SanFran Nan” Pelosi’s unfavorables have risen to 64%

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