A loss for the democrats does not equal a win for the GOP

The democrats and their tame pets in the media (MSNBC & CNN are pushing the DNC talking points early and often) are spinning like tops on crack trying to downplay just how bad last night’s elections were for the democrats and our Dear Leader.

Virginia went big for BHO one year ago and was considered a solid blue state. After one year of of total democrat control over the executive and legislative branches, not only did the democrat loose his election bid, so did the Lt. Governor and the Attorney General, both democrats, to Republicans.

Pennsylvania was also a state that went for our Dear Leader a year ago, and has turned. Statewide elections went predominantly to Republicans.

Then there is New Jersey.  The state that is challenging Chicago for the title of capital of political corruption and a solid democrat state.  Despite multiple visits by Obama and Joey Biden to support their good friend, the sitting democrat governor, the Republican won.  What is even cooler is that Gov. Elect Christie made his chops by fighting corruption in New Jersey.

These victories were not so much the result of the message of the GOP as they were the actions of the DNC and our Dear Leader.  The swarms of new democrat voters who were “inspired” by BHO a year ago stayed home, and centrist voters who are not happy with the direction the country is heading in came out to vote instead.

The one election everyone had their eye on that the GOP lost was the one the GOP was the most involved in.  The infamous NY23 election.  As NPR’s Mara Liasson pointed out,  there was no primary election.  The state GOP selected a candidate that was more in line with the party platform of the DNC that the democrat candidate did! When fiscal conservatives, the core base of the GOP, objected and put forth a candidate from the Conservative party.  What did the NYS GOP do when the Conservative candidate do when the Conservative candidate proved to be more popular than their liberal choice? They pulled her from the race, but left her name on the ballot, and then supported the democrat in a fit of ‘salted earth’ tactics.

The democrat, who was to the right of the Republican candidate, ended up winning over the Conservative candidate with a margin of victory that was smaller than the number of votes the Republican received.

So, in the NY23 election, the Republican party worked to make sure the democrat candidate won.

Not a stirring recommendation for the GOP.

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