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A key reason why the same sex marriage vote failed in Maine

November 5, 2009 – 10:48 | by Mark Urbin

A vote on the legality of same sex marriage in Maine overturned the law passed by the legislature on same sex marriage.  So, once again marriage in Maine is legally only between a man and a woman.

Every time this issue comes up for a vote before the people, heterosexual marriage  is affirmed and same sex marriage is voted down.  Even in very “liberal” states such as California.  When this issues was up for a vote in Oregon, a fairly liberal state in 2004,  the ballot issue banning same sex marriage passed by more votes that George W. Bush received.  Hmmm….could it be that some good “liberal” democrats don’t support same sex marriage?  Could it be that it isn’t just “far right social conservative religious bigots” that are voting against same sex marriage?

Here is a dirty little secret that many good liberals either don’t know or won’t admit.  There are several traditional core democrat constituent groups that are more than just a little bit “social conservative” and are strongly opposed to same sex marriage.  These constituent groups include Roman Catholics, the elderly and blacks.

The left won’t address this issue in their own ranks. Instead, they will engage in hate speech and mean spirited attacks against their traditional “Emmanuel Goldsteins.

If the proponents of same sex marriage were really and truly serious about their cause, they would first start to address their opponents in their own liberal house hold and then reach out to those are in agreement with their cause, like the Libertarians.

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