Friday B-Movie Pick: Eraser


We’re keeping the Schwarzenegger action movie theme rolling with the 1996 flick, Eraser. The plot is about…ok, let us be honest here, the plot isn’t the cornerstone of this movie. It’s an Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie for crying out loud. It’s about the action. That isn’t to say this movie doesn’t have a great cast, and I’m just not talking about Vanessa Villiams role as ‘damsel in distress’/eye candy. Nope, serious acting chops in this one, with James Caan and James Coburn topping the list. James Cromwell and Robert Pastorelli are also raising the acting bar on this film. Hands down, James Caan has the best line in the movie, “I can’t believe you nailed me with this cheap piece of mail-order shit!”, which he delivers after Arnold’s character stabs him with a belt buckle knife.

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