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Just what does Allah have against perky breasts?

October 18, 2009 – 23:00 | by Mark Urbin

I’m serious here.  The human female breast, especially perky ones, have to be one of his greatest creations, bar none.

Well, by way of Atlas Shrugged, is this disturbing story about an actual Fatwa against women with perky breasts.

A Somalian Muslim group reportedly has started whipping women in public for wearing bras that violate Islam, the Daily Mail reports.

Residents claim insurgent group Al Shabaab sent gunmen into the streets to round up women who appeared to have a firm bust. The women are inspected to see if their suspected firmness is natural or from a bra. Officials reportedly make the women shake their breasts after removing their bras.

Al Shabaab forced us to wear their type of full veil and now they order us to shake our breasts,” a resident, Halima, told Reuters, adding that her daughters had been whipped on Thursday.

The new bra rule adds to the long list of religious restrictions in Somalia, including a ban on movies, musical cell phone ring tones, dancing at weddings and playing soccer.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the out cry from leftist so-called “feminists” in the West over this barbaric behavior.

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