The simple truth behind the “porkulus” acts

“The stimulus passed in February of 2009 didn’t go to shovel ready projects. Instead it propped up state and local governments that were broke. What didn’t go to governments was spent on projects without any regard for their return on investment. For example, green light bulb research might be a neat concept, but the short term return on investment is 0. You might even believe that green light bulb research will have positive economic effects in the future-but stimulus is designed to help us today so it’s still a stupid way to spend government dollars. Even if you think stimulus can work, it doesn’t because of politics. This phenomena occurs no matter which party is in charge.”

Jeff Carter nailing it shut.

Mr. Carter goes on to present a simple, proven method used by both democrat & Republican Presidents to stimulate economic growth and job creation.  A method that won’t be used as long as our Dear Leader is in the White House and Harry Reid and the democrats control the Senate.  It goes against their so-called “progressive” policies, which they will blindly cling to regardless of how much damage they cause the country.


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