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Round Up Post

August 19, 2013 – 12:58 | by admin

Let’s start the fun with the CDC Study Ordered by our Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama, that Contradicts White House Anti-gun Narrative. Don’t expect reality to get in way of their “progressive” political agenda this time either.

BHO’s former Sec. of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton yelled at a congressman in a briefing just after the Benghazi terror attack for calling it a terror attack.  Again, reality didn’t fit the Obama political agenda, so reality had to be denied.

While Barack Hussein Obama tries to spin away his very real scandals by calling them “phony,” Jim O’Sullivan correctly identifies Obama’s so called “economic recovery” as the real phony.

What isn’t “phony” about the Obama economy is “Slow GDP growth, lagging job creation, constricted free markets, ballooning deficits and debt, growing and counterproductive regulation, crippling taxation, and the penalization of small business…”

On the topic of the Obama economy, the CBO reports that our Dear Leader broke a new record, four years of federal deficit over $1 trillion. That is a trillion dollar plus deficit for each of the first four years of his “occupy the White House” golf tour.  The current US debt is $16.9 Trillion and growing.

Forbes reports that the German Green Energy Bluster Running Out Of Wind.  It seems that unreliable wind produced energy can’t compete without massive government subsidies. Combine that with their policy of shutting down carbon neutral nuclear power plants that deliver steady energy at a lower cost than the very expensive wind turbines, and you have rapidly rising energy costs and cold German winter on the way.

No surprise here, but Hillary Rodham Clinton is throwing Tony Weiner under the bus for his sex scandal.  Mentioning her husband’s sex scandals would be in bad taste, so ya, he had a lot of them.  HRC responded to those by attacking the women who dared bring up her husband’s sexual harassment.  Yup, if it wasn’t for double standards, democrats would have no standards.

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