Obama’s Energy Policy

Let’s review our Dear Leader’s Energy Policy.

He killed the Keystone pipeline, killing thousands of jobs and putting America’s energy supply at risk.

He had his eye on Brazilian oil, but it looks like the Communist Chinese are going to be on the fast track to get it.

Obama Forbids Uranium Mining on Federal Lands In Arizona for Next 20 Years

North Dakota Stuck Using More-Costly Railroads to Move Oil. “Right now, about 25% of North Dakota’s oil travels by rail. According to the CBS News report that ‘will increase exponentially with increased oil production and the shortage of pipelines.’”

Our Dear Leader is clearly against any  proven technology and isn’t as really into alternate technology as his leftist supporters wish he was.  His history with alternate technology more in line with Solyndra, which was much more of a political payoff than a good investment of taxpayer money.

Update: The Obama EPA is shutting down an oil refinery that will likely drive up gas prices in the Northeast.  Higher energy prices is a goal of the Obama regime, so no one who has been paying attention should be surprised by this.

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