Deficit grows $90 billion a month under democrat rule

Daniel Foster points out the democrats spendthrift ways:

That means that over twelve years of Republican rule, there was an average annual budget deficit of about $104 billion. Compare that with an average annual deficit since 2008 of $1.074 trillion — or about $90 billion per month.

For those of you with bad math skills, let me sum this up for you.
Every month, the democrats come within 90% of increasing the deficit of what it took the Republicans an entire year to do.

Republican and fiscal conservative voters removed the Republican party from power because that party was spending too much money, putting a burden on the economy and not holding back government growth.

Independent fiscal conservatives, including many who are registered as democrats, are not going to reward the democrat party with their votes in 2010 for behavior that is much, much worse than what the Republican party did.

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