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History is not a friend of the left

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

You must have noticed this before, leftists are bad at history.  Even when they are “good” with most historical items, they selectively edit history to line up with their political views.  Views with tend to run at odds with reality.

An example I’ve listed before is where one leftist accused President Reagan of reinstating draft registration as part of his ‘war mongering.’  He was not happy when I pointed out that it was Jimmy Carter, the worst president of the latter half of the 20th Century, who did that.

Here is a new example, a very smart fellow, whom I know is a more than mildly serious history buff, rattled off a very clear, concise and accurate, summary of the failure of Solyndra.  It was however, missing some key facts that didn’t fit his political world view.

The facts missing completely change the narrative, which is what he objects to.

The facts in question are:

  • Solyndra applied for federal loans/grants during the G.W. Bush administration, which turned them down.  The reason stated was that they did not have a solid business plan that showed a path to profitability, no matter how much money was dumped their way.
  • After our Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama, occupied the White House, Solyndra reapplied, and where quickly approved as part of the Obama regime’s “Green Jobs” program.
  • The CEO of Solyndra was a major “bundler” to both the DNC and Barack Hussein Obama.

In the world of the left, Solyndra failure was ‘not their fault’ and had nothing to do with Obama paying off his political donors with tax payer money.

If this was the only case of a company, which happens to be run by a big DNC/BHO donor, receiving millions of taxpayer dollars as part of BHO’s “Green Jobs” program, and then “unexpectedly” went bankrupt, I’d be willing to buy into this particular leftist fantasy.  It is a leftist fantasy because there have been multiple other companies that fit this same profile.