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“Your Papers Please!”

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Nope, not talking about Arizona, but what congressional Democrats and our Dear Leader want for all Americans.

A national ID card with embedded biometric information that all Americans will be required to carry and show.

Yup, this is going to truly annoy Libertarians and classic Liberals (the folks who’s party got hijacked by socialists).

When Obama said he wanted to be a “uniter”, I don’t think this is what most of the “useful idiots” who voted for him had in mind.

A double shot of dishonesty & ignorance from the left

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

I saw a recent post from someone who is smart enough to know better, that managed to squeeze Godwin’s Law and the intellectually dishonest “Race Card” into a single package.

They were ranting about the recent Arizona law that allows law enforcement officials to check immigration status in course of standard police investigation.

Attempting to claim this is a “show your papers” law is a clear case of either willful ignorace of the law or clear case of spouting leftist propaganda. Neither of those reflect positively on the poster.  Let us get some facts straight that the leftists want left in the dark.  First, “illegal” is not a race, so claiming ‘racism’ is a false argument from the start. Then keep in mind that this law is massively popular in Arizona, with 70% of the citizens supporting it.  If you think that 70% doesn’t include a big chunk of Americans of Mexican decent (and legal immigrants from Mexico), you need to get out of your local Starbucks and visit the American southwest.

The typical leftist argument ignores the economic and violence issues associated with this issue.  The cost of illegal immigrants (and I’m just going to include the ones who are trying to make a better life for them and their families here, God bless ’em and damn the corrupt and incompetent government of Mexico that can’t provide basic safety for its citizens) is driving the border states bankrupt.  Even one of the far left liberals who recently ran for the California Governor’s seat admitted this.  There is an immigration problem, that the federal government, in a rare fit of bipartisanship, refuses to address, leading Arizona to have to deal with the problem at a state level.

Then there is the violence issue.  Legal (and many illegal) immigrants from Mexico came to America to get away from the violent narco-Civil War that is killing more Mexican civilians than the Islamo-insurgents in Iraq are!  They don’t like the fact that violent criminals have followed them to America! Mexican Drug Cartels have made Phoenix, AZ the U.S. Kidnap Capital! Add to that, the recent case of a Central Arizonan Sheriff was shot in the stomach with an AK-47 round by a drug trafficking Mexican on U.S. soil!

The case here is much more complex than the knee jerk, and poorly thought out, hate filled arguments the leftists are throwing out.

A damn good question

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Far Left Extremist Bill Maher asks:

‘Why Isn’t Barack Obama Getting More S–t For This’ Oil Spill?

Maher used to be a stand up comic, i.e. someone who made their living by observing humanity and asking the questions other people missed. That is exactly what he is doing here. He is pointing out the obscene level of hypocrisy being shown by the MSM.

MAHER: I’ll tell you who I’m really mad at which is Barack Obama. Couple of weeks ago, the President, our President said, “It turns out the oil rigs today generally don’t cause oil spills. They are technologically very advanced.” Now if, if I was quoting George Bush, this crowd would be laughing in hysterics.


MAHER: So, why isn’t Barack Obama getting more shit for this? I think he should.

This oil spill is Obama’s Katrina, and if the MSM was mildly honest, that is how they would be reporting this story.

May 1: Victims of Communism Day

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

As various leftists gather today to celebrate their anti-Human Rights policies, let us remember the 100 million people killed by their socialist/communist governments in the 20th Century.