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The shifting morals of Arlen Spector

April 29, 2009 – 09:15 | by Mark Urbin

Let us go back to 2001. Squishy lefty RINO Arlen Spector condemned Vermont Senator Jim Jefford’s cowardly move to the democrat party. According the the LA Times:

Specter said then- Vermont Sen. Jim Jeffords’ decision to become an independent was disruptive to the functioning of Congress. He proposed a rule forbidding party switches that had the effect of vaulting the minority to majority status in the middle of a congressional session.

“If somebody wants to change parties, they can do that,” Specter said at the time. “But that kind of instability is not good for governance of the country and the Senate.”

Let us also look at Arlen Spector’s own word from earlier this month:

“A vote for Specter is a vote for denying Harry Reid and the Democrats a filibuster-proof Senate.”

The bottom line is that Spector looked at the polls for the Republican Primary in Pennsylvania and saw that he was going to loose big time. Given that Pennsylvania went for our Dear Leader in 2008, and that most of those votes came out of Spector’s base of Philadelphia, he decided that he had a better change of re-election as a democrat in the general election.

Arlen Spector’s party switch isn’t about Republican or democrat policies. It’s all about Arlen Spector.

Update: Spector’s switch isn’t being praised by everybody on the left. Rachel Maddow is now calling him a DINO.

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