Biden’s own aide calls him a liar

Personally, I don’t think Joey Biden, the democrat Vice-President of the United States of America, is a liar. Incompetent and highly prone to say things without even attempting engage his brain first, but not a liar in this case.

The case in point is Biden, who’s own party never trusted with a Senate leadership position that he couldn’t claim on pure seniority, leaked to the press the location of a secure safe room in the official Vice-President’s residence.

Leaked really isn’t the correct word to use here. Biden didn’t “leak”, he told members of the press over dinner at the Gridiron Club.

His staff is now spinning like a top on crack in an attempt at damage control. Biden’s aide Elizabeth Alexander had to officially deny Biden’s words to the press. The source of the story Ms. Alexander is denying is none other than the leftist pundit Eleanor Clift of Newsweek. Expect Obots to try and spin this latest Biden gaffee as yet another attempt by the right to smear Biden.

Ms. Clift, welcome to the vast right wing conspiracy. Your membership card and decoder ring will be delivered by secret courier as soon as he stops by Joe Biden’s “guest room” to pick up blank membership forms Vice-President Cheney left behind.

Update: Ace has some delicious snark on the subject.

Remember Cheney’s famous “undisclosed location”?

Somehow he managed to keep it undisclosed.

Joe Biden, who I am assured is much smarter than that idiot Sarah Palin, decided to disclose it, apparently.

He actually gives details. And the precise location. Which is right under his home.

Let’s be honest here. Biden is dumber than a stump. BHO picked him as VP for two very clever political reasons.
1. He helped bring Pennsylvania, an important state in the election.
2. The dude is better than bullet proof vest. The mere thought of President Biden is worth 20 Secret Service agents on the Presidential detail.

2 thoughts on “Biden’s own aide calls him a liar”

  1. He most certainly IS a liar. Not about this, but he has been caught fibbing before. His claims of “scolding bush” is just the latest. Go google “Biden Lies” to see more.

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