About that Swine Flu thing…

I’ve been seeing bit of grumbling about how the government is hyping the swine flu outbreak in order to grow the size of government and take over health care.

Dudes, they don’t need swine flu as an excuse. The current administration stated flat out that growing the size of government and nationalizing health care was their goal long before swine flu made its way into the news.

Health care professionals in the infectious disease field have been worried that the human population is due for a serious flu pandemic for a number of years. John Ringo has a New York Times Bestseller on the market that uses a nasty global flu pandemic as a major plot point.

Even if swine flu turns out to be a not so bothersome strain in the global pandemic sense, it is providing damn good practice for the US CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization). It is reasonable and prudent for health organizations to treat this new strain as a possible pandemic until proven otherwise. If they catch heat for it, just image what kind of justifiable grief they would get if it was, and they didn’t treat is such early on.

Now, as regular readers may have noticed, I’m not much of a fan of our Dear Leader, but the advice he gave really is the simplest and best techniques to use to avoid infectious diseases like the flu and the common Cold. Wash your hands. Really. Wash your hands often and well. That means warm to hot water, and actively scrubbing with soap for at least 10 to 20 seconds.

The most common way to catch a flu virus is through the moist tissues in your eyes. Think about everything you have touched since the last time you washed your hands next time you catch yourself rubbing your eyes.

The masks are mainly to keep you from spreading germs when you exhale, cough or sneeze. Barry is actually spot on accurate about the hand washing. Get a good nights sleep, eat healthy and really, no government conspiracy here, wash your hands.

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