Monday Book Pick – The Peshawar Lancers

The Peshawar Lancers by S.M. Stirling

A fine example of the alternate history sub-genre of Science Fiction. The change in history occurred in 1878, when a series of asteroid strikes caused a “nuclear winter” effect. As a new Ice Age quickly over ran Europe, the British Empire relocated their seat of power to Imperial India. It’s a “rousing good adventure”, complete with Airships and large, steam powered mechanical Difference Engine type computing devices.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Book Pick – The Peshawar Lancers”

  1. If you want an interesting take on the book, has this. Talk about upsetting the applecart. Particularly amusing is the Aussie reaction to a 90,000 ton Aircraft carrier.

  2. You may have missed an alternate history book I enjoyed, Time for Patriots (author T.W. Hamilton, publisher Strategic Books, 2008, 203 pages hc). A bollixed physics experiment sends several hundred people back to 1770. The book’s dynamic then involved trying group running things trying to prevent major changes to history, despite a dozen people with modern rifles upsetting things at Bunker Hill, killing Benedict Arnold in Canada, and saving Mozart’s life. Franklin has a one night stand with one of the time travellers, Washington sees a planetarium show about the Apollo landings. Some cute humor and rousing adventure.

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