Monday Book Pick – Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan

A delightful murder mystery wrapped in some really good SciFi. The hero, who really is not a nice man, finds himself back on Earth in a new body. A bit of suprise, since his last one was killed on another planet, involved in crimes that should have kept his consciousness in storage for quite a bit longer. It proceeds to get weird from there, but in a good way for the reader.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Book Pick – Altered Carbon”

  1. Yes, Altered Carbon is a great book. It is the book that restored my interest in sf, as I’d gotten tired of fluff and/or “how a spaceship drive could work” sf. My favorite of the thre Kovacs books is actually Broken Angels, the next one in the series. I was equally surprised it was not another murder mystery, but military sf. The writing style is somewhat different as well.

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