Keynesians and reality

One of the reasons there are so many schools of Keynesian economics is none of them actually work in the real world.  It only works in the fantasy world of academia.  No wonder leftists flock to it.

When faced with reality, Keynesians, in typical leftist fashion, deny it.  Robert Murphy provides some excellent examples.

When the passage of the Obama “stimulus” package coincided with the economy falling off a cliff, the Keynesians said, “Oh wow, good thing we passed that! The economy is even worse than we realized!”

When the implementation of “austerity” coincided with an economy improving according to the standard metrics, the Keynesians said, “Phew! We got lucky! The economy was doing a lot better than we realized.”

As it has been pointed out here previously, by our Dear Leader‘s own metrics, the US economy is in worse shape than if the federal government had done nothing, make his economic policy a miserable failure.

Recent US history also provides examples of a roaring recovery following a recession even worse than the one that was in place when our Dear Leader took office.

Bottom line for leftist in denial, the Keynesian economic policies of Barack Hussein Obama has made things worse for America, not better.

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