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Friday B-Movie Pick: Heroes of the East

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Heroes of the East

It’s Chinese Gung Fu squaring off with Japanese martial arts in this 1970s Shaw Brothers martial arts classic! This film stars Gordon Liu and group of actual Japanese martial arts masters recruited for this film. The fights are a real treat to watch. Three Section Staff vs. Nunchuka & Tonfa. Katana vs. Gim Sword. Sai vs. Butterfly Swords. Spear vs. Spear. Karate vs. Chinese Drunken God style Gung fu. Judo vs. Chin Na. How does this come about? Well, a young Chinese martial arts student has an arranged marriage with a young Japanese girl who is also skilled in her countries martial arts, including Ninjitsu! The fun continues from there.

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Al Gore sells out to Big Oil

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Al Gore, the patron Saint of the Algore cult of Global Warming, sold his “Current TV” business to Al Jazeera, which is owned by the Emir of Qatar.

Qatar is one of those oil producing OPEC nations.

It seems that some of the “true believers” on the Current TV staff, who are all being fired, are a bit miffed over this.

Yesterday morning, the still shell shocked staff at Current TV was called to an all hands staff meeting at its San Francisco headquarters, which was teleconferenced to their offices in LA and NYC, to meet their new bosses…

“Of course Al didn’t show up,” said one high placed Current staffer. “He has no credibility.

“He’s supposed to be the face of clean energy and just sold [the channel] to very big oil, the emir of Qatar! Current never even took big oil advertising—and Al Gore, that bulls***ter sells to the emir?”…

“We do stories on the tax code, and he sells the network before the tax code kicked in?”

To quote Allahpundit: “Oh, the schadenfreude.” Perhaps now Algore can afford yet another giant, energy guzzling, mansion.

Quote of the Day

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

It comes as no surprise that the same people who worked themselves into a lathered frenzy of Gov. Romney’s “binders” are completely and utterly silent over VP Biden’s sexual harassment of a Senator’s wife.

Monday Book Pick: Tiger by the Tail

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Tiger by the Tail by John Ringo and Ryan Sear

The latest in John Ringo’s Paladin of Shadows series. Mostly written by Ryan Sear from an outline by John Ringo. As you should remember, the first book in the series, Ghost (a Monday Book pick in in 2009), was one Ringo felt he had to write from a personal perspective, but never thought it would be published. Not only was it published, but it was a run away best seller that won an award as a Romance novel for its open and honest look into the B&D/S&M world from the viewpoint of a Het male Dom. Tiger by the Tail follows the Kildar and his dour band of warriors to the South Pacific, where they are hunting pirates as a training exercise. Of course, things get interesting from there. It’s a fun filled action series, so expect battles, adventure, beautiful exotic women, spies, and references to really good beer. Ringo handed the bulk of the writing to Ryan Sear. Sear has been the fellow writing the current Executioner series (originally written by Don Pendleton). A gritty pulp series about an Army sniper in Vietnam who’s family has been destroyed by the Mafia, so he declares a one man domestic war on the Organized Crime families. One of the cool things about that series was the firearm gearhead detail. This is something that Ryan Sear has brought into the Paladin of Shadows series and personally, I think it fits well. The characters are a little wooden compared to the previous books, but that isn’t unexpected since this is the first time Sear is taking them out for a spin. Close enough to be recognizable to fans of the series, so as they say “good enough for government work.” Like most books in the series, there is some sex, but this primarily an adventure pulp of the old school, which is a good thing.

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Quote of the Day

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a liberal place social issues above economic issues, I’d have enough money to pay off the monstrous $16.4 trillion and counting national debt.

Quote of the Day

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

I made it to 2013 and all I got from the SciFi books of my youth was the lousy dystopian government.