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Obama Economy Chart of the day

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

Nothing fancy, just tracking inflation and GDP for the first half of 2012 to see how our Dear Leader’s economic polices have been working out.

As you can see, what money you have left after taxes is loosing value at a faster rate than the economy has been growing.

The only positive thing about this illustration is that it shows inflation is on the decline.  Which is good for you the tax paying, goods consuming citizen, and bad for our Dear Leader and his economic team.  They actually want inflation to rising, not falling. Look it up, their plan was a sharp spike in inflation so they could pay off the massive government debt (currently $15.9 Trillion and rising) with money devalued by inflation.  Their greatest fear is deflation, where the currency actually gains value.

The decline in GDP is a clear indication that the American people should not repeat the economic policies of Barack Hussein Obama, which has put the country in the worst economic “recovery” since the Great Depression.