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Quote of the Day

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

“Is it gonna go to where the astronauts planted the flag?”

Texas democrat and member of the US House of Representatives, Sheila Jackson Lee while being shown video of the Curiosity rover on Mars during a visit to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

I was going to post this without comment, but frag it, statements that stupid deserve comment.

The democrat from Texas, representing the district the Johnson Space Center is in, is so bloody ignorant of not so distant American history, that she doesn’t know that in 1969, Americans walked on Earth’s moon, not Mars.

This is beyond the level of ignorance so called “tolerant” liberals accuse Republicans in their fantasies.  If anyone with a “R” behind their name, every news talking head would be leading their broadcast and the propagandists at NBC “News” would special graphic and running it constantly.

Since the Congressperson in question is a far left extremist liberal democrat, you can count on hearing crickets chirping before CNN runs this.