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Obama Economy Chart of the Day

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Let us review just what this chart illustrates.

Our Dear Leader promised the American people that if his massive “porkulus” bill was passed, unemployment levels would drop much faster than if the government did absolutely nothing to try and improve the economy.  A government driven unemployment rate of 5.6% was promised by July 2012, instead of the to be feared 6.0% rate of no government action.

Now to inject reality into our Dear Leader‘s “planned economy” model.  The reality is that unemployment went up from 8.2% to 8.3%.  The United States is 2.3% worse off than if the federal government had done nothing!  According to Obama’s own metrics, his attempts to “improve” the economy has actually made things worse!

Now, one could cut the President some slack, since he has extremely limited experience with the private sector, and trusted academics with absolutely zero private sector experience for his economic advice.  That is if he was willing to admit the error of his ways and come clean with the American people that he made mistakes, very large mistakes, that stole money from pockets of the American worker, and is now willing to try concepts that are new to him, but have improved the economy in past recession recoveries.

Ya, I know, that scenario just is not going to happen.  Our Dear Leader and his ‘advisers’ are doubling down on their failed policies and trying to tell Americans who have seen their net worth go down while the price of food and fuel go up, that his plan is “working.”

Seriously, he is blowing so much smoke up the collective asses of America that his speeches should come with a cancer warning.