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Friday B-Movie Pick:Colombiana

Friday, July 20th, 2012


Executive Summary: Lt. Uhura kills a lot of Columbian drug gang members, and a lot of other people. Ok, it’s Zoe Saldana, played Lt. Uhura in the last Star Trek movie. She plays the daughter of a ‘wet work’ specialist for a Columbian drug lord. There is a falling out and the drug lord has her parents killed. Of course they get shot to doll rags right in front of her. She escapes, makes her way from Columbia to Chicago. There she finds her maternal uncle, who takes a break from beating a man tied to a chair for touching reunion with niece. Now flash foward and the kid is now an adult and an experienced assassin. She gets herself arrested, so she will be in the same jail as her next target. She changes into a catsuit, slips out of her cell, kills the target, slips back into her cell and is released before the feds lock the jail down. Yes, she is that bad ass. The final fight scene is the best part of the movie through. Really nicely done and down and dirty.

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