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Sunday SciFi: John Carter

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Saw John Carter last night, in 3D on an IMax screen.

Excellent adventure flick by one of the early masters of the genre, Edgar Rice Burroughs.  It was based on the first of the John Carter of Mars books, A Princess of Mars.  It was written 95 years ago (1917), so it’s in the public domain.  You can download it from the Gutenberg site or get the Kindle version for free.

The show was completely sold out and the audience was a mix of young and old, including a lot of families.  Glad I saw on the big screen.

Update: Ed Morrissey reviewed John Carter and gave it a thumbs up as well.

John Carter has plenty of surprises and edge-of-the-seat action all the way to the very end.  It won’t win a nomination for Best Picture, but as a fun adventure and popcorn movie, it’s terrific and smarter than most, especially this time of year.  Don’t be surprised at the end if you’d like another trip to Mars very soon.

John Carter is rated PG-13, with a lot of violence, some of it quite bloody (even if the blood might be another color at times) and very intense.  It has no foul language or nudity — a few skimpy outfits for Collins, but nothing one wouldn’t have seen on a Xena: Warrior Princess episode.