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Quote of the Day

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

“Sometimes you can’t defend the indefensible.”

Obama White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley at a meeting of the National Association of Manufacturers. The topic, “the wholesale assault by Obama on the free enterprise system and the private job creators who make it run.”

Our Dear Leader openly criticizes the ‘private sector economy’, something he has absolutely zero experience with, for not creating new jobs in the harshly anti-business, anti-growth, economic environment created by President Obama and the congressional democrats. Then he sends out his new Chief of Staff to attempt to the “defend the indefensible.”

Kudos to Mr. Daley for having the guts not to stand there and openly and blatantly lie about the effects of the Obama economic policies as other members of this administration have done in the past. I can’t help but wonder if our Dear Leader will toss Mr. Daley under the bus, as he is doing to Kenneth Melson, the current head of the ATF.

Update: Doug Powers points out that it’s the one-year anniversary of Recovery Summer™.  How is that working out for you?  If you aren’t sure, try this simple experiment.  Drive around your local community and start counting the number of empty store fronts.  Are there more or less than last summer?  How many new businesses have opened up in your local area in the past year?  That should a good meter stick to measure the, ahem, “recovery” the Obama economy has brought us.