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Moving beyond “Blame Bush”

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Now that his term in office is more than half over, our Dear Leader has finally managed to find someone else to blame for the poor economic performance the nation has been inflicted with since he and the democrats assumed power over the legislative and executive branches of government.

Not that he and his loyal minions are are going to stop blaming George W. Bush, they proved that yesterday after unemployment “unexpectedly” spiked back over 9% once again during the Obama Regime.  At least he is branching out now.

During his weekly radio address yesterday, our Dear Leader raised some trial balloons that place the blame of the dismal Obama Economy on the Europeans and the Japanese.

Yup, it’s clearly the fault of Japanese and Europeans, not his dangerous addiction to the emperically discredited Keynesian economic theories.  Yup, the American people clearly knew what they were doing when they elected a man who managed to go $300,000 in debt on an annual household income of just over $500,000 a year.  OK, I’ll give the American people a pass on that one, since I’m betting the vast majority of voters who get their “news” from MSN sources like MSNBC, the NY Times, CNN or CBS News never heard that interesting, yet highly relevant fact.

For how well a sample of potential voters are ‘educated’ by the MSM, let’s roll some video.

I’m concerned that a vast majority of those who voted for our Dear Leader appear to absolutely no clue as to what a Keynesian is. Once again, let’s check the video.

OK, say we cut them slack on Keynesian theory, most people don’t know much about economics. This video shows a sample of Obama voters and quizzes them on some basic political knowledge. What is more interesting than what they don’t know is what they do know, and what they think they know.