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Morning Round Up

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

The Obamacare waivers keep on coming. 128 new waivers and still more to come!  Interestingly enough, most, if not all, of these Obamacare waivers are going to groups who lobbied for Obamacare!  They felt strongly that Obamacare was important for you tax paying peasants to have. For themselves, not so much.

Oh, for those of you who voted for our Dear Leader because you thought he would “promote peace”, let us review his record.

  • Followed the Bush timetable in Iraq
  • Doubled down in Afghanistan
  • Increased Predator missile strikes in Pakistan
  • Signed the renewal of the Patriot Act that the democrat controlled congress put in front of him
  • Kept Gitmo open
  • Is holding military tribunals instead of civil trials for terrorists
  • Attacked Libya, which was no threat to the US, and without Congressional approval

Lenin had a descriptive phrase for you folks, “Useful Idiots.”

A Republican congressman received a death threat laced with anti-semitic attacks and a pig’s foot.  CNN carried the story, buried deep in their web site.

A Wisconsin fleebagger is facing a recall.  It seems the voters didn’t like him fleeing the state rather than doing his job.

Obama’s IRS Launches Audit Offensive Against Wealthy Americans.

No surprise here, our Dear Leader wants to increase federal government spending even more!

Here is some good news. The Supreme Court has upheld tax credits for School Vouchers.