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Sunday SciFi: Babylon 5

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Very good, nay, excellent SciFi. Especially for TV.  This show wasn’t just SciFi, it was Space Opera in the best sense of the genre.

Grand sweeping story arcs over five seasons, great battles; personal, man to alien, and large fleets of space craft battling for control over this corner of the galaxy.

Much, much better than the Star Trek knock off of Babylon 5.  Yes, gentle readers, Star Trek: Deep Space 9 was a cheap knock off of Babylon 5.

The B5 pilot aired first, even though Paramount rushed ST:DS9 to the small screen before the B5 series was approved and made it to the airways.  The best ST:DS9 seasons were the ones where they did what B5 did the season before.  The ST:DS9 “creative” team even hired the same actor B5 used the season before in appear in what was essentially the same role.  The B5 team found this out when they tried to bring the actor back to reprise the role and found out he was over at Paramount filming a DS9 episode.  JMS responded by killing off the character and replacing him!

Five full seasons, plus a handful of made for TV movies.  Enough to keep you busy for a while if you enjoy really good SciFi.