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Quote of the day

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

“Whenever two parties make a free will trade; Spices for wool or grain for fire wood or even three dollars and fifty cents for a happy meal, both sides benefit. Because the customer would rather have the hamburger and McDonalds would rather have the three fifty. You’re welcome to disagree with me of course, you can email me a comment on why you hate businesses and corporations using your Apple computer while you sit at Starbucks and send messages down AT&T phone lines to Youtube servers running Hitachi hard drives all of which is powered by something like Consolidated Edison most likely generating electricity by burning oil provided by Exxon Mobile. Now if you want to hand deliver a message scratched on a tree bark using a sharp stick while wearing a grass skirt I will be much much more impressed with your moral outrage.”

— Bill Whittle

Wisconsin Fleebaggers heavily funded by Public Employee Union payments

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Color me not surprised.  Here is the, ahem, money quote.

The 14 Wisconsin Democratic senators who fled to Illinois share more than just political sympathy with the public employees and unions targeted by Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill.

The Senate Democrats count on those in the public sector as a key funding source for their campaigns.

In fact, nearly one out of every five dollars raised by those Democratic senators in the past two election cycles came from public employees, such as teachers and firefighters, and their unions, a Journal Sentinel analysis of campaign records shows. . . .

HT to the Gay Patriot

Remember the good advice from the man who wrote the screenplay, “Follow the Money.”